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A+ Ventures is a team composed of extraordinary talent from Fintech and B2B

At Aplus, we believe in the power of financial solutions and innovation. We serve as an all-encompassing financial guide in a landscape that is regulated yet evolving. Our extensive banking network spans over 130 jurisdictions, making us a global player in the industry. Collaborations form the core of our operations. We work closely with top-tier institutions across Switzerland, Malta, the UK, and the MENA region. These partnerships amplify our reach and influence, allowing us to deliver top-notch financial services to our clients. In the ever-evolving world of finance, choosing the right partner for banking, depositing, exchanging, and payment solutions can be daunting. At Aplus, we ease this process by acting as your trusted partner, enabling smooth and efficient daily operations for your business. Our expertise isn't just limited to providing solutions; we excel at infrastructure too. From setting up global payment systems to facilitating the creation of a sturdy financial framework, we ensure your financial journey is seamless. We are also skilled fundraisers. Our ability to showcase your business to a wide array of venture capitalists will provide the impetus you need to grow.


The unparalleled level of work efficiency is the badge of honor each A+ team member proudly wears, and it is to be earned on a daily basis.

The team is active 24/7, thereby managing outstanding productivity levels that are evident in the company’s results. Promising startups have found worldwide success thanks to the team’s effort, thus fueling the ambitions of A+ to keep exceeding expectations of what is possible with streamlined focus, talent, and diligence.